Slow made pieces hand dyed in small batches.

Thought informed work. 




HunterMade textiles and artistry were founded by Environmentally focused Artist Phoebe Hunter from South Australia. The underpinning philosophy behind her work is sustainability. Phoebe wanted to create in a way that worked in harmony with the natural world, rather than against it, resulting in an immense amount of thought and intention behind her work.



Beauty in the impermanence

Natural dyes do not perform like synthetic ones. We aim to use plants with natural tannins like eucalyptus, pomegranate, and avocado seeds that have longer-lasting dyeability. We also use a lot of flower and tea dyes that have variability in their durability. It's of my opinion that this is the charm and beauty of botanical dyes. They wear out over time as we do. The best way to care for your naturally dyed pieces is to wash them as little as needed, dry in the shade, and keep them out of natural light when not using.

  • Keep your wedding flowers to be botanically dyed into a unique petal i...

    160 Australian dollars
  • Book two scarves to be lovingly steamed out of your wedding flowers

    280 Australian dollars
  • Book a scarf for the bride and each member of the bridal party

    From $420
  • shhhh! Send the wedding flowers to our Studio to be made into a gift.

    160 Australian dollars
  • Can be worn in the hair or as a pocket square (unisex).

    45 Australian dollars
  • Using flowers from an event or ceremony to create memory scarf

    160 Australian dollars