'Ethereal Eucalyptus' Signature Print - Hair Scarf

'Ethereal Eucalyptus' Signature Print - Hair Scarf

Botanically hand dyed on the Coorong in South Australia by natural textile artist Phoebe Hunter with eucalyptus leaves + rain water. Hemmed with 100% silk. 
  • About Botanical Dye

    Botanical dying or natural dye is the process that uses leaves, roots, flowers and other organic matter to create colour onto fabric. It has been practiced for thoursands of years, it was how all our clothes were dyed pre synthetics. 


    Phoebes signature print is a particular combination of eucalyptus leaves, creating a contemporay + timeless design. Each one differs slightly as the process dosnt allow duplication. 


    Phoebe releases four seasonal collections per year, responding to whats in flower, using florrist waste + foraged flora. These peices are not always in stock, once the collection is sold out it can not be re stocked. 

    Organic Design: 

    Please note that the photographs of each collection are example peices, the purchased scarf may differ slightly. 

  • T & C


    Each HunterMade purchse it sent from our studio on the Coorong in South Australia. If the Items is faulty the cost of retun will be coverd by the seller. If the item is returned for any other reason the cost is covered by the buyer. 


  • Shippping


    Each purchse is packed using sustainable materials, limited use of paper and zero use of plastic. Please note that occasionally Australia Post parcels are tapped down with plastic sticky tape, this is unfortunatly out of our control.  


    With the nature of this sustanable design, some items are 'made to order', parcels will arive within 2-10 business days of ordering. Cards and Jewllery are shipped in 2-5 buisness days.