• Phoebe Hunter

The Privilege Of Self Evaluation

Updated: May 8, 2020

As we sit, ponder and go inward, we sometimes forget that the act of doing this is due to our external privileges. The mere ability to self reflect and aspire for betterment means we have the resources and time to do so. As we ponder perhaps we could also do so for our wider community.

In terms of sustainability and the ethics of being a maker, i'm aware that much of my own success is due to my geographical and socio-economic placement. I feel a personal responsibility to talk about this topic as it can easily be left unaddressed. Understanding our biases and taking proper steps towards equity can be difficult in a society that is driven by consumption. My point is that we mustn't get caught up with the narrative that we have created x y & z, and remember that, mostly, it's our circumstances that have lead to x y & z being available to us (or not).

To conclude, while the daily issues we face need self-reflection, so does the wider community of people who are not benefiting from the stability of what we have come to expect as human rights. Clean water, education, fresh produce to name a few. Practising radical gratitude and really feeling your position whatever that may be, counts for a lot.

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Kinds Phoebe