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- Bruce Garrabrandt

Sun, 21 Mar | ENOUGH studio

Wild Edibles + Botanical Dye | With the The Herbal Alchemist & HunterMade

Welcome to a 3-hour workshop that shakes up the way we look at food, medicine, flower dye and delves into the world of wild herbs commonly called weeds growing in our backyard and the streets. A creative experience with many take homes including your own flower-dyed silk scarf.
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Time & Location

21 Mar, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm ACDT
ENOUGH studio, 298-300 Unley Rd, Hyde Park SA 5061, Australia

About the Event

Welcome to a 3-hour workshop that shakes up the way we look at food, medicine, flower dye and delves into the world of wild herbs commonly called weeds growing in our backyard and the streets. Dandelion, Purslane, Stinging Nettle, Sow Thistle, Cobbler's Pegs, Cat Ears, Radium Cancer Weed and Chickweed are just a handful of the herbs we will explore the food and medicinal uses of.  Combined with the natural dye properties of geraniums, dried roses, eucalyptus leaves, avocado seeds, and more as botanical dyes, and looking at the medicinal value of using flowers as a fabric dye. 

This workshop includes:

  • Introduction to weeds as food, safe harvesting practices, and their uses
  • Assistance in making your own botanically dyed silk scarf 
  • We’ll each create our own herbal salt to take home, made up of foraged and dried wild herbs (Bring a small jar along)
  • And we’ll all create a wildflower infused fettuccine pasta to dry and take home (bring a container)
  • We will provide us some delicious platters with an array of pickled and fermented wild edible dishes, beautiful dips, and locally -Foraged treats to nibble on throughout the day.
  • Access to helpful resources and a digital edible weeds guide for South-Eastern Australia
  • Enough studio will have their tea bar open for us to enjoy 
  • Dried flowers to print onto fabric (silk provided) 

Our ethos, so you can get a sense of the vibe of the day:


Our western diet has proven to provide us with more disease than nourishment and so I have been long fascinated with the way that other countries and peoples, far older than western societies create their meals. One clear difference I see is that their diets are so diverse, rich with herbs and various greens (we consider weeds) that work synergistically to heal the body from disease and to maintain optimal health for the person consuming those foods. Whereas in the western world we are fed predominantly foods that have been removed from their whole state and fortified or processed and then often laden with preservatives. By adding in more diverse and nutritious herbs into our diet just like the wild weeds offer up, we can work to restore health, save money on buying greens and forage to our heart's content!

I'm here to get you all excited about different flavous, the diverse wonders of nature, a bit of biochemistry for those interested and to share delicious foods with you providing you with some helpful food as medicine tips and tricks. Most of the best herbal medicines are considered weeds and some of the most nutritious vegetables ever tested are in fact weeds. Come and explore the world of the undesired plant, hope to see you there!


Its well documented how synthetics dyes are harmful to the natural environment and there is such beauty and scope to natural dye. It is how we have always made colour prior to the patenting of synthetics dye in 1865. It's a similar process to steeping tea and brings a sense of peace and slowness to the day in the same way. 

When I first started using natural dye I was surprised by the plethora of colours you can gain from unusual places. One of my favorite books is called 'Make Ink' by Jason Lagon and he speaks about this in detail, about how you can make dye from just about anything. In this workshop, we will be looking at it from a medicinal and forged view. 

I will bring along all my natural dye books to give different perspectives on the process, these books have taught me everything I know. I also encourage anyone to bring flowers from their own garden or a relative's garden to infuse into the scarf, adding another layer of beauty to your creation. 

I hope you feel grounded and in a space with like-minded people at this workshop. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. 

In summary, this is something we are both really excited to host, as we learn from each other too! 

Hope to see you there. 

Kinds regards 

Bianca & Phoebe 


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