Image by Christina Deravedisian


Taking steps to limit floral waste

Image by Visuel Colonie

An industry flower story

Flowers are grown and sent all over the world. With this comes a large amount of flower wastage, and not only that, once flowers have met their end life they, are usually discarded. Natural artist Phoebe Hunter has a solution for that waste as she uses dried flowers to create unique textile pieces.

Image by Ava Sol




A single bouquet

Instead of discarding, send your dried flowers to our studio to be steamed and made into botanically dyed textiles. We are talking about a bunches of flowers that may end up in landfill. 

We do also take foliage offerings from private gardens, this would not be considered reducing waste though :) 


End of week wastage

Keep flowers that would otherwise be discarded. We can only take on a small amount of florist per year so if you would like to recycle your flowers contact us below to book in. 


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