'Connecting People With Nature'

Phoebe is an environmentally minded artist who uses an array of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, charcoal, raw pigments and wood to create artworks. She specialises in the process of 'botanical dye' where she steams flowers and leaves onto fabrics. Phoebe graduated from Uni SA with a BA in Visual Arts in 2013 and has gone on to build her own textile label 'HunterMade'. She holds private and public workshops, regularly exhibits artwork, creates bespoke orders such as the 'wedding scarves' using event bouquets and writes + advocates for sustainability.




BA Visual Arts - University of South Australia 2013

Certificate IV Fashion Design - TAFE SA 2014 

Designer/Owner - HunterMade Textiles 2016


Small Business

Channel 9 South Australian Youing Achievers Awards - 2018


Solo, Evolve Manual Therapy, Rose Park, September 2019

Monthly artist feature at Evolve Manual Therapy - Hand dyed natural fabrics. Mounted and streatched on wood.


Group, Corner Stone Collage, August 2019

Coorong based environmental artist Phoebe Hunter uses a variety of natural materials including native flora, florist waste, natural fibres, wood and raw pigments in her art practice. This body of work responds to the lake that dried and filled, a stance by nature to show its ability to regenerate.
"Movement is medicine, movement on canvas, movement in music, movement in dance, movement in culture, it unites us. It's by no coincidence that we feel a sense of peace when we are in nature, we are, after all, just that”.


Solo, Mettal Sol, August 2019

Sustainability is about recognition of the supportive role each of us plays in a group setting. Each decision has an impact and tells the story of who we are. For example, choosing to opt-out of synthetic living, out of thinking we are singular. 

Movement is medicine, movement on canvas, movement in music, movement in dance, movement in culture, movement in poetry, it unites us. 

Environmental artist Phoebe Hunter creates work using natural materials such as leaves, flowers, wood and raw pigments. This body of work was partly inspired by the Pangarinda Botanic Gardens in the South East of the State. The gardens have an area of regenerated vegetation that shows what the eco-system would have looked like prior to colonisation. Its glimpses of these regeneration projects (run predominantly by enthused volunteers) that evokes us. It's by no coincidence that we feel a sense of peace when we are in nature, we are, after all, nature. 


Group, Popeye, August 2018

Artists Caroline Taylor and Phoebe Hunter's exhibition featuring paintings of The Riverbank and naturally dyed textiles from local flora.



Recent Updates & Articles

April 12, 2018 Ellie Stamelos

Allow us to introduce you to HunterMade, your new favourite fashion label. Ethical, sustainable and local, each unique garment is plant-dyed by creator of the label, Phoebe Hunter.

 Phoebe says she’s always had an affinity for her creative side; “I first started making textiles quite young, my mother kept a huge variety of vintage fabrics from my great grandmother and sometimes I was allowed to use them.” Phoebe’s early exposure to these fabrics still impacts her work to this day; “those materials were made to last, something that I want to carry forward with my practice.”


2nd August 2019

Lovely evening at Metta Sol last night for the launch of Phoebe Hunter's SALA Exhibition "Sustain". Phoebe is an environmental artist, who uses nature to create artworks. The exhibition will be on display for all of August.



March 2020

Article was written by Taralyn Disher about slow living and her take on sustainable fashion.
"Accessories: Phoebe is the maker of HunterMade. An Australian environmental artist advocating for sustainability through her artwork. She utilizes an array of natural materials and floristry waste to create her beautifully botanically dyed textiles bespoke to you."



July 2020

Style section - Interview

Image by Tanalee Youngblood

"we must dance, to rejuvenate our cells,  our habitat, make it catch, like wildfire"

Phoebe Hunter