'There are always flowers for those who want to see them' -Henri Matisse 

We have three options for gift cards

1. Lux Gift Card Unboxing 

A luxury unboxing experience. Comes with details about how and where to send the flowers, boxed up with delicious 'Harvest Moon' Sticky Chai from the Bowning Tea Co, NSW. Perfect to leave on the bedside table the night before the wedding.

The cost for this service is $25 not including the value of the gift card. 

2. Letter Style Gift Card 

Comes in a letter with rose petals and instructions on how and where to post the flowers.

This is a free service (not including the value of the gift card).  

3. E-gift Card Only 
Great for garments and bespoke orders, this is a free service (not including the value of the gift card). Book through the link below. This is also the most sustainable option as not paper or carbon miles on the shipping. 



Fill out the information below to book a gift card. Bespoke invoice sent after booking.

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